Supporters' Salute

Supporters' Salute:

major partner and supporting partners

With thanks to our 2017 supporters - the Venice Visionaries, Commissioner's Council, Champions and Donors.

2017 Venice Biennale:

Venice Visionaries, Commissioners Council, Champions and Donors

27 February 2017

Venice Visionaries

Marc Besen AC and Eva Besen AO
Catriona and Simon Mordant AM
Annabel and Rupert Myer AO
Mark and Louise Nelson
Roslyn Oxley OAM and Tony Oxley OAM
Peter Weiss AO
Carla Zampatti AC

nelson meers foundation


Naomi Milgrom AO

Commissioner’s Council

Susan Armitage
Hamish Balnaves
Daniel Besen
Luisa Bosci
Andrew Cameron AM
Deborah Cheetham AO
Penny Clive
Debbie Dadon
Dr Paul Eliadis
Johanna Featherstone
Adrian Fini OAM
Jan Frolich
Helen Gannon
Professor Charles Green
Mark Henry
Jo Horgan
Peter Jopling AM QC
Roslyn Morgan
Paris Neilson
Dr Dick Quan
Carol Schwartz AM
Eleonora Triguboff
Dr Terry Wu

Donors and Champions

Brian Abel
Dr Ian Airey and Mrs Judeen Airey
Lesley Alway and Paul Hewison
Philip Bacon AM
John Barrington and Fiona Harris
Anita Belgiorno-Nettis and Luca Belgiorno-Nettis AM
Stacey Bishop
Tim Bishop
Bambi Blumberg
John and Linda Bond
Professor Wendy Brown
Robert Buckingham
Morena Buffon and Santo Cilauro
Enid Charlton
Robyn Clune
Warren Coli and Linda Coli
Mr J. Andrew Cook and Mrs Sophie Ullin
Mrs Caroline Cornish and Mr Philip Cornish
Anthony and Clare Cross
Paul and Samantha Cross
Marilyn Darling AC
James Darling AM and Lesley Forwood
Peter de Campo
Robert and Jasmine Dindas
Marco D’Orsogna
Richard and Harriett England
Barbara Flynn
Andrew Forrest AO and Nicola Forrest
Jonathan Frolich
Helen and Tony Gandel
Sophie Gannon
Kerry Gardner and Andrew Myer
Raphael and Fiona Geminder
David Gilbert and Hannah Michell
Paula Giles and Michael Landy
Lisa and Danny Goldberg
Lucy Greig and Josh Black
Julian and Stephanie Grose
Kim Harding and Irene Miller
Jane Hansen and Paul Little AO
Michael Hawker
Amit Holckner
Diane Ipkendanz
Katrin Inga Jonsdottir Hjordisardottir
Andrew Kaldor AM and Renata Kaldor AO
Evan Kaldor and Dr Allison Salmon
Nicola Kaldor and Mark Knight
Julie Kantor
Lesley Kernaghan
Wendy Kozica
Marita Leuver
Elizabeth and Walter Lewin
Marita and James Lillie
Amanda Love
Darryl Mack and Helen Taylor
Mark McMahon and Rita Zhang
Macquarie Group Foundation
Susan Manford
Sam Meers
Hugo and Brooke Michell
Jan Murphy
Louise and Martyn Myer
Mark Newman
Dr Clinton Ng
John and Angela Nicolaides
Susan Oliver
Vicki Olsson
Mimi and Willy Packer
Roslyn Packer AC
Elizabeth Pakchung
Garry and Wendy Prendiville
Joakim Ramen and Johanna Bruke
Veronique Ramen
Jonathan and Katrina Raymond
Susan M. Renouf
Michael and Rosalba Renzella
Eli Zaikos-Ridley
Andrew and Judy Rogers
Marco Rossi and Stephanie Stokes
Angie Scanlon
Richard and Jacqui Scheinberg
Morry and Anna Schwartz
Wyborn and Jenny Seabrook
Sue Rose and Alan Segal
Penelope Seidler AM
Vivienne Sharpe
Dr Gene Sherman AM and Brian Sherman AM
Dr Michael Slancar and Fiona Kernaghan
Dr Jacqui Strecker
Catherine Sullivan
R. Swart
David and Lisa Thurin
A. Tindale
Aida Tomescu
Dr Francis Tomlinson and Dr Beverley Rowbotham
Greg and Janice Taylor
David and Judy Tynan
Lorena and Richard Uechtritz
Ungar Family Foundation
Mark and Tracey Van Weelde
Leonard Vary
John S. Walton AM
Len and Elena Warson
Kim Williams AM and Catherine Dovey
Seven anonymous

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