First Nations Arts Awards 2020

The 2020 First Nations Arts Awards was live streamed on Monday 27 May.


  • Wesley Enoch AM, Chair of the First Nations Arts Strategy Panel
  • Lee-Ann Tjunypa Buckskin Deputy Chair of the Australia Council for the Arts

Meet the 2020 First Nations Arts Awards recipients

Red Ochre Award for Lifetime Achievement

The Dreaming Award for an emerging artist

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Fellowship

Community Arts and Cultural Development Fellowship

Emerging and Experimental Arts Fellowship

The Awards also acknowledged the many First Nations artists who have received other Australia Council awards in the last year including:

  • Rhyan Clapham aka DOBBY (First Nations Emerging Career Development Award)
  • Dion Beasley (Australia Council National Arts and Disability Award - Emerging Artist)
  • r e a  (Australia Council Award for Emerging and Experimental Arts)
  • Brook Andrew (Australia Council Award for Visual Arts).
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