Annual Report 2018-19

There is enormous public value generated through the arts for the whole of civil society – the arts contribute significantly across our nation’s health, education, industry, global affairs and more.

As a society, I believe we must afford far greater recognition to the value of the arts and creativity – which has been proven time and time again – to our wellbeing, our social cohesion, our economy, our daily lives. Australia’s arts and creativity are integral to our cultural fabric and are among our nation’s most powerful assets. Investing in arts and creativity is investing in our social, economic and cultural success.

Sam Walsh AO

Chair, Australia Council for the Arts

Annual report key figures

Annual report case studies celebrating the four strategic goals from our previous strategic plan: A Culturally Ambitious Nation (2014-2019) 

Counting and Cracking

Case Study: Australia is known for its great art and artists.  

Case Study: Australian arts without borders.  

Promoting healthy aging, connection and inclusion

Case Study: The arts enrich daily life for all.  

Cultural strength and ethical art supporting regional tourism and employment

Case Study: Australians cherish Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island arts and cultures. 

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