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Art is for everyone. People with disability have the right to enjoy, benefit from and contribute to the arts and cultural life of Australia. Disability in the arts offers excellence and artistry, unique perspectives and lived experiences, and transformative experiences for audiences and communities. However, barriers and disparities exist for people with disability across arts practice, employment, education, training, engagement and participation. Some people with disability also face additional barriers and challenges shaped by their lived experience, cultural background, where they live, access to support and other reasons.    

Australia Council disability commitments

The Australia Council aims to be disability confident and fully accessible. Our Disability Action Plan (DAP) 2017-19 sets out commitments and actions in detail across our goals of accessibility, leadership and arts practice. Our DAP also recognises diversity and includes disability across our priorities for First Nations peoples, cultural diversity, regional and remote Australia, children and young people, and older people.

Informed by our DAP, we are investing in artists with disability, profiling artistic achievements, improving access across our programs and systems, increasing representation and access support within peer assessment of funding, and building evidence for the artistic and public value of arts and disability through research and advocacy. Current DAP actions and priorities include:

  • Two new three-year initiatives (2019-21) to support artists with disability: the Arts and Disability Mentoring Initiative, and National Arts and Disability Awards. 
  • Inviting and providing access for artists and arts professionals with disability to participate as peers in the assessment of funding. 
  • Ongoing improvements to access across grants and services, including information in Easy English, and an audio tour for blind and vision impaired visitors to our building.
  • Providing regular opportunities for artists with disability and from diverse backgrounds to participate in international and leadership development. 
  • Publishing research and advocating for artists with disability, including a new Research Summary on Arts and Disability, and Creating Pathways outlining findings about support.   


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