Our Strategy Panels

Supporting the work of Council are two Strategy Panels.

The Strategy Panels provide objective, strategic and expert advice to the Board and Council on arts sector issues and participate in meetings with Council throughout the year. They are an important avenue through which the Council maintains direct engagement and ongoing dialogue with the arts sector. This ensures that the Australia Council and its Board are informed through a range of avenues on art form practice and sector issues.

Strategy Panels
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Panel
  • Major Performing Arts Panel

Aboriginal and  Torres Strait Islander Arts Panel

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander Arts Panel is committed to keeping culture strong. The former ATSIA Board, now the ATSIA Panel assists Indigenous people to claim, control and enhance their cultural inheritance by funding the development and promotion of traditional and contemporary arts practices – and new forms of cultural expression – by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who practice any art form and live in urban, regional and remote areas.

Major Performing Arts Panel

The Major Performing Arts Panel (MPAP) monitors the performance of the MPA companies for the Australia Council.The Major Performing Arts Panel operates on behalf of the Australia Council principally to: Maintain the National Framework for Governments' Support of the Major Performing Arts Sector; and to monitor the performance of the MPA companies and provide strategic advice on critical company issues to the Australia Council.

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