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Nooky / Corey Webster

15 May 2019

“I got the name because of my Dad, Noel. He had a pet chicken called Chooky when he was young. Here he was, this little blackfella country kid going everywhere with a chicken. Someone nicknamed Dad Nooky – a cross between Noel and Chooky. So whenever I went to the football with Dad everyone called me and my brother ‘Lil’ Nooky’ or ‘Yung Nooky’. When I started my music I just used what people called me - Yung Nooky – I was maybe 19 when I dropped the ‘Yung’. Nooky’s not like a stage name or anything – people mostly call me Nooky but some call me Corey – it’s all good,” Nooky says.

Vicky Couzens

Vicki Couzens

15 May 2019

Possum cloak maker and multi-media artist Vicki Couzens was presented with an Australia Council Fellowship at the 9th National Indigenous Arts Awards at the Sydney Opera House on Friday, 27 May 2016.

Dr Gary Foley, recipient of The Red Ochre Award Photo credit: Caroline McCredie

Gary Foley

15 May 2019

As an actor, arts administrator, activist, cultural thinker and currently Associate Professor in History at Victoria University, Dr Foley has been integral to Australia's political, cultural and Indigenous landscape since he was a teenager living in Redfern, Sydney. Across many roles, through more than four decades, Dr Foley has successfully agitated for positive social change for Aboriginal people and their communities.

Kahl Wallis Photo credit: Caroline McCredie

Kahl Wallis

15 May 2019

Kahl’s project, working with family members in Cairns, is the recording of his first full-length solo album, infused with his traditional language, songs and stories, and make an accompanying documentary about this journey into his Indigenous heritage. His Uncle Jimmy Wallis, cultural contributor to this project, is the last of Kahl’s family to speak their Wuthathi language. His Uncle, Bunna Lawrie, is another of Kahl's cultural and musical mentors: he was the original frontman and songwriter for the band Coloured Stone. Kahl says Bunna’s mentorship provides the project with cultural integrity and diversity, vast experience in the recording and production process and expertise in additional instruments, song and language.


Brenda L Croft

15 May 2019

Solid/shifting ground extends Brenda’s Phd work since 2012 as an ARC Research Fellow at the National Institute for Experimental Arts at UNSW Art & Design. She will stage a collaborative exhibition with Karungkarni Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation at the UNSW Galleries in September 2016 followed by a national tour to select university art museums. A solo exhibition of her photo-media work was hosted by Sydney’s Stills Gallery late last year, while an exhibition of her mixed media work is due at the Niagara Galleries in Melbourne in 2017.

Reko Rennie

15 May 2019

Former graffiti enthusiast, now internationally exhibited artist, Reko Rennie was one of two fellowship recipients at the Australia Council’s National Indigenous Arts Awards. In 2015 the multidisciplinary artist unveiled a six-metre aluminium wall work in the Pallazzo Mora at the 56th Venice Biennale, as part of the Global Art Affairs Foundation exhibition, Personal Structures: Crossing Borders. He has also shown internationally in Paris, Berlin, Italy, Jakarta, Shanghai and USA.

Australian Pavilion to present Angelica Mesiti’s solo exhibition ASSEMBLY

08 May 2019

The Australian Pavilion at the Biennale Arte 2019 is proud to present ASSEMBLY, a solo exhibition by Angelica Mesiti. A new, three-channel video installed within a constructed amphitheatre, ASSEMBLYinvites the audience into a symbolic circular gathering to encounter a multiple filmic scenario. Each screen draws the audiences’ attention to differing points of view in Mesiti’s imagined new world, in which a ‘contingent’ gathering of ‘the people’ is allowed to disintegrate and resolve by perpetually reforming and revolutionizing itself.

Angelica Mesiti’s ASSEMBLY officially opened in the Australian Pavilion at the 58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.

08 May 2019

Venice, Italy: Australia’s 2019 representation for the 58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, Angelica Mesiti’s ASSEMBLY, was officially opened today in the Australian Pavilion within the historic Giardini della Biennale precinct.

New details announced for ASSEMBLY, Angelica Mesiti's exhibition at the Biennale Arte 2019

19 March 2019

March 19 2019, Sydney, Australia - Angelica Mesiti’s exhibition ASSEMBLY opens with the ‘Michela’ machine, a 19th century stenographic machine, modelled on a piano keyboard, which is used in the Italian Senate for official parliamentary reporting to ensure transparency within the democratic process. The machine’s inventor, Antonio Michela Zucco, was originally inspired by musical notation as a universal language.

Joshua Allen: Future Leaders Program

15 March 2019

Josh is a producer and writer working in contemporary performance as a queer person of colour. He develops new work while prioritising diversity and accessibility across art forms.

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