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Andrà Tutto Bene (all will be well). Credit: Bridget Gleeson

May you live in interesting times … A reflection by Catherine Kovesi

28 April 2020

When Venice Champions went to the 2019 Biennale, few would have realised how prescient the year’s theme, May You Live in Interesting Times, would prove to be. Venice displayed its usual combination of stunning beauty and contingent fragility, but all seemed business as usual. Yet just over a month after our October group returned home, Venice was confronted with an ‘acqua granda’ – literally ‘giant water’. As waters of 187cm raged through the city for two hours and then just as suddenly subsided, many of the places we had all visited only a few weeks and months previously suffered heartbreaking damage. The Basilica of San Marco was flooded for only the 6th time in its 1000 year history; the Basilica of Santi Maria e Donato on Murano, visited in May, lost large sections of its 12th century mosaic floor; Palazzo Nani Bernardo, the location of the final dinner in October, had much of its garden destroyed (the largest private garden in Venice).

Australia Council response to COVID-19

04 April 2020

The Australia Council is announcing its first Response Package to support artists, arts practitioners, arts groups and arts organisations coping with the impact of COVID-19. In the last weeks we have seen our cultural and creative sectors suffer enormous damage as a result of the unfolding COVID-19 crisis that has seen public gatherings, performances and exhibitions cancelled in the interests of public health.

2020 Australia Council Awards live stream

Watch the replay of the 2020 Australia Council Awards

25 February 2020

This event took place on Monday 9 March 2020. These prestigious national awards recognise outstanding and sustained contributions by Australian artists in music, literature, community arts and cultural development...

Cross-border Art and Exchange - INTEL

INTEL: India

31 January 2020

The Australia Council launches INTEL with INTEL: INDIA. INTEL are designed as episodic content on cross-border art and exchange with a focus on Asia engagement.

robot song

Robot Song - celebrating diversity in a technologically evolving world

22 January 2020

Robot Song is a deeply personal story, that shares an honest, intensely funny and often unconventional window into Jolyon’s experience of parenting a child on the autism spectrum. It features 11 year old Juniper, who receives a petition signed by her entire class...

Sinsa Mansell

Sinsa Mansell (TAS) pakana/Trawoolaway, pakana kanaplila

15 January 2020

Custodianship is a responsibility. A responsibility to care for Country and to honour our cultural knowledge, systems and traditions. It is understanding diversity between nations. We have an obligation to care for Country, as we are Country and Country is us.

Julian Louis: Arts Leaders Program

Julian Louis: Arts Leaders Program

15 January 2020

Julian is a theatre maker, dramaturg and Artistic Director/CEO of NORPA (Northern Rivers Performing Arts), a theatre company based on Bundjalung country in Northern NSW. For NORPA Julian has created highly successful original works that engage the community – creating place based works such as Railway Wonderland, Dreamland and Wildskin. The company has fostered new works by several associate artists and established national and international collaborations.

Rosemarie Milsom: Arts Leaders Program

Rosemarie Milsom: Arts Leaders Program

15 January 2020

Rosemarie Milsom is the founding director of the Newcastle Writers Festival, which will celebrate its eighth event in April 2020. Rosemarie started the festival after working as an award-winning print journalist for 20 years in Newcastle and Sydney, mainly with Fairfax Media.

Samuel Cairnduff: Arts Leaders Program

15 January 2020

Samuel Cairnduff has been Director Marketing and Communications at the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra since 2017. In this role at the TSO he leads strategy in the areas of audience development, marketing, sales and communications, as well as overseeing the TSO corporate partnership portfolio. He proudly leads a team that has been responsible for the most significant subscription and sales results during the TSO’s history.

Ros Abercrombie: Arts Leaders Program

Ros Abercrombie: Arts Leaders Program

15 January 2020

Ros has been working in the arts industry for over 20 years with experience across Creative Direction, Strategic Design and Arts management. Ros is the Executive Director of Regional Arts Australia, prior to which she was the Director and Creative Producer for Artlands Victoria (Australia’s national regional arts event) and other significant arts festivals.

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