Artist Stories

Kim Williams and Lucas Ihlein, Seed & Song Community planting day - sugarcane and sunflowers, at 'The Beacon', Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens, as part of the Watershed Land Art Project, 2018. Credit: Robert Bole.

Artists and farmers coming together to envision a new future

17 December 2019

Socially engaged art responds to urgent real world problems while simultaneously creating new genres and aesthetic approaches. It results in new collaborations, ways of engaging and ways of thinking which provide both artists and communities with important new platforms and opportunities.

COunting and Cracking

The power of great art to create a genuinely inclusive cultural landscape

18 October 2019

A large-scale theatrical work telling a Sri Lankan-Australian story written by S. Shakthidharan and directed by Eamon Flack, Counting and Cracking has connected communities and continents and made a profound contribution to our unfolding national story.

All the Queens's Men

Promoting healthy aging, connection and inclusion through the arts

18 October 2019

Led by artists Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid, All The Queens Men champion social equality through theatrical and participatory arts experiences that connect communities, audiences and artists.

Cultural strength

Cultural strength and ethical art supporting regional tourism and employment

18 October 2019

The Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) supports regional development, tourism and employment through an annual showcase celebrating Queensland Fist Nations arts and culture.

International Markets

Nurturing Australian children’s literature by growing international markets

18 October 2019

Australian children’s books and authors are invaluable cultural assets, playing an essential role in the lives of Australian children and families and in developing the future generation of Australian readers.

Amy Perejuan

A postcard from the Pavilion: Amy Perejuan-Capone

24 July 2019

Amy Perejuan-Capone travelled from Perth for her four-week stint as a Volunteer Exhibition Attendant in the Australian Pavilion in Venice. Amy gives us her personal impressions of the experience here...

Amy Perejuan-Capone, Kate Davis (Middle) and Courtney Wagner.

A postcard from the Pavilion: Kate Davis

24 July 2019

Audiences are visibly affected by Angelica Mesiti's ASSEMBLY. People emerge wide-eyed with wonder; exhilarated and excited by what they have seen, while others are moved to tears. People seem to enjoy dissecting the many layers of the work with my team and I, often returning to watch it again armed with new knowledge or actualisations. One visitor watched it five times!

Mary Louise Carbone

A postcard from the Pavilion: Mary-Louise Carbone

24 July 2019

After visiting the Biennale Arte in 2015, University of Melbourne Master of Art Curatorshipstudent Mary-Louise Carbone returned to Venice this year as one of our Venice Biennale 2019 interns. We asked Mary-Louise to share her impressions of Venice and her experience working with the Australia Council Venice project team.

Sinsa Mansell

Sinsa Mansell: 2019 Milparanga Leadership Program Recipient

23 July 2019

'Community leadership is always achieving ways forward for the community while ensuring the cultural lore and knowledge systems are honoured. We know, if people break protocol they get sick, others do not. We know, we are Country and Country is us; others do not. We must continue to protect ourselves, our communities and our Country'. Sinsa Mansell, 2019 Milparanga Leadership Program recipient

Zane Saunders

Zane Saunders: 2019 Milparanga Leadership Program recipient

12 July 2019

'Most of my life I’ve been an observer – taking a back seat. Now, with the type of work I do, it’s important to realise that I need to develop my creative work and myself. The person, the individual, Zane Saunders.'

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