Birrunga Wiradyuri (QLD) Wiradyuri, Birrunga Gallery & Dining

    15 January 2020

    Birrunga Wiradyuri (QLD) Wiradyuri, Birringa Gallery & Dining


    What does custodianship mean to you?

    What does custodianship mean to me? Many things; stepping into an evolving role of holding, learning, applying and living with integrity and harmony of cultural responsibility and stewardship. It's playing our part in the resilience of our long-term-gain, aiming for the benefits of our work today, making a positive impact 6-8 generations down the track. It's about focusing on practice and process rather then the outcome. In my case, central Wiradyuri Lore of 'Yindyamarra' - to do slowly - to be gentle - to be polite - to honour - to respect. It's working with guidance, resilience and leading by the example of our ancestors and Elders.

    What attracted you to the Custodianship Program?

    What attracted me to the Custodian Program? I suppose it was because of the confidence I have in the integrity of the consultation process that preceded, informed and has underpinned the program. 

    Stepping into an evolving role of holding, learning, applying and living the integrity and congruence of Cultural responsibility and of stewardship. 

    Why do you think it is important to develop First Nations custodianship?

    Why do I think it's important to develop First Nations custodianship? Custodianship is our ancient practice, a genuine self-determination and longevity that inhabits all of our cultural intelligences. This cultural intelligence inhabits our; practices, protocols, timings, strategies, technologies as well as our societal, familial, spiritual, health and sustainable care of Country. What could be more important than that?

    What are the top three qualities of leaders that inspire you?

    Counter intuitive, intimately acquainted with the value of mistakes, relentlessly themselves.

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