Cross industry partnership driving innovation and future success.

    17 December 2019

    Baden Pailthorpe, Clanger (longitude, latitude, decibels), [installation view] 2018. HD video, 4.1 channel surround sound. 06.30 mins. Credit: Jessica Maurer.

    “Our art/science residencies bring artists and scientists together in research partnerships that generate new knowledge, ideas and processes beneficial to both fields. We believe that artists are essential contributors to how we imagine and shape our future. We understand that experimentation is the bedrock of innovation, and that harnessing diverse perspectives and knowledge is key to Australia’s future.” 

    For the past 30 years the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) has been a catalyst for experimentation and innovation across art, science and technology. ANAT forges relationships with industry, academia, community and government to broker opportunities for artists. ANAT is supported through Four Year Funding (2017–20).

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