Driving economic value by supporting Australian music exports

    19 December 2019

    Haiku Hands press shot. Credit: Melissa Cowan.

    Australian music exports are increasing and delivering substantial economic and cultural benefits to the nation.

    The growing international activity and success of Australian music artists has seen revenue from overseas royalties collected by APRA AMCOS double in the past five years. 

    Overall, the combined annual export income of Australian artists, music publishers and record labels is estimated to be approximately $195 million.*

    Successful music exporters across all career levels require support and assistance to realise their export strategies. Relatively modest investments from government and industry have a powerful multiplying effect.* An Australia Council project grant supported all‑female electro-rave-pop act Haiku Hands to undertake a 16 date tour across the UK and Europe in October‑November 2018 to continue to build ties with the music industry and international audiences. Headline shows built on existing demand and developed their fanbase, and larger festival performances gave them access to an established audience, acting as an invaluable entry point into the wider European music market.


    * Australia Council 2019, Born Global: Australian music exports. A summary by the Australia Council for the Arts.

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