Administered grants

An administered or auspiced grant is one where a third party takes responsibility for financial management of a grant. You can elect to have your grant administered if you wish. This does not affect how your application will be assessed.

Under our new Application Management System (AMS), groups/ensembles/collectives, partnerships, unincorporated associations and other entities without legal status are not eligible to apply to the Australia Council. However, an individual may apply for a grant on behalf of an entity without legal status. In addition, entities without legal status may also administer a grant.

In all administrated applications, the name of the administrator (fiscal sponsor) must exactly match both the name of the ABN on the Australian Business Register and the name of the bank account into which funds are to be paid.

Examples of legally constituted organisations are incorporated associations, incorporated Aboriginal associations and companies limited by guarantee. 

Individual applicants under 18 years of age must nominate an administering body.

If one is required, you need to choose an administering body before submitting an application, as the details of the administering body must be included on the application form.

For more details on how and when an administering body is necessary, please contact us.

  • Administering bodies are responsible for:
  • counter-signing the Administered Grant Agreement sent by the Australia Council to the grant recipient
  • agreeing to administer the grant on behalf of the grant recipient
  • paying funds to the grant recipient (usually in instalments over the course of the project)
  • ensuring, to the best of their ability, that the grant is used for the purpose for which it was provided
  • providing the grant recipient with an itemised financial statement at the end of the project, which clearly shows how the grant was spent
  • ensuring that funding of $250,000 or more is audited and certified by a qualified accountant in public practice.

An administering body is not responsible for the artistic direction or the artistic quality of the project for which the grant was provided.

The grant recipient is responsible for:

  • negotiating the level of service the administering body will provide
  • signing the Administered Grant Agreement, which is sent by the Australia Council, ensuring it is counter-signed by the administering body and returning the signed copy to the Australia Council
  • overall management and artistic direction of the project
  • advising the Australia Council of any proposed changes to the purpose of the funding or artistic or other personnel, the timing of the project or major changes to the budget during the course of the project
  • providing the administering body with the necessary information to allow them to complete an accurate financial statement at the end of the project
  • completing and submitting a grant report that meets Australia Council guidelines, at the end of the project
  • making sure that the financial report is completed by the administering body and is submitted to the Australia Council, along with the grant report, as part of the formal funding acquittal procedures.

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