Michelle Hamer

    04 May 2018

    Michelle Hamer is a Melbourne-based visual artist with a background in architecture. She was recently supported by the Australia Council for an Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups application to the Visual Arts panel.

    Michelle received $18,424 for the work that formed the exhibition One Wall Two Jails which opened in September 2017 at the Sydney branch of the Australian Institute of Architects.

    Michelle created eight hand-stitched works for this project. These works arise from Michelle’s 2015 research into language and signage around the Israel/Palestine and US/Mexico border zones. These areas experience local problems, but also highlight broader global fears – both personal and political. Michelle’s hand-stitched works reflect these fears, challenges and paranoia and the moments of human connection that can arise from them.

    Image: Michelle Hamer, On the Road to No where, mixed yarn on perforated plastic, 67.5 x 104cm

    Even though she has applied many times before, Michelle communicated with Australia Council staff for advice before submitting her application, and recommends others do the same. She says, ‘the staff helped explain the criteria which helped me clarify how I directed my application and ensured I addressed what was actually being asked.’

    Michelle says that as a result her choice of panel and third criterion was pretty straightforward.

    ‘I nominated Visual Arts as my assessment panel as it best suited my project, which was to be creating visual art. And the third criterion I selected was Creation, because I was proposing to create a new body of work. This choice allowed me space to write about how the project would extend my practice the techniques and concepts behind the work.’

    She attributes her success in the funding round to ‘having a clear outcome that was achievable but also pushed the boundaries of my practice through materials, concept and scale.’

    You can find examples of Michelle’s work online at:





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