Roslyn Oades

20 October 2014
Image: Hello Goodbye Happy Birthday Credit: Pia Johnson
Image: Hello Goodbye Happy Birthday Credit: Pia Johnson

Roslyn Oades is a theatre-maker known for her pioneering work in headphone/verbatim performance. 

Roslyn received $34,521 through Theatre’s 2013 New Work Creative Development category. 

From 2015, applications for projects like this can be submitted through –  Arts Projects – Individuals/Groups (between $10,000-$50,000) program. 


Roslyn Oades was supported for her project Hello, Goodbye and Happy Birthday, an audio scripted performance that juxtaposed the experiences of those at the beginnings and ends of adult life. The work focuses specifically on the experiences of final year high school students and 80 year-olds reliant on aged-care services. 

Roslyn has created a number of performance works with Australia’s leading theatre companies, including I’m Your Man (Belvoir, 2013), Cutaway: A Portrait (Vitalstatistix, 2012), Stories of Love and Hate (Urban Theatre Projects, 2008) and Fast Cars and Tractor Engines (Urban Theatre Projects, 2005). 

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