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Australia Council Response Package

The Australia Council is announcing its first Response Package to support artists, arts practitioners, arts groups and arts organisations coping with the impact of COVID-19.

With immediate effect, we have suspended many of our investment programs currently or due to open. Suspending programs will allow Council to concentrate our efforts on responding to the crisis situation faced by our artists and arts organisations. 

If you have submitted an application we will be in touch in the coming days.

Key dates

Amount: Contributions of $5,000 per successful applicant are available in two rounds per year.

About the program

International publishers may apply for a contribution towards the translation of Australian works of creative writing such as fiction, poetry, writing for children and young people, graphic novels, and narrative non-fiction (defined as autobiography, biography, essays, histories, literary criticism or analytical prose). 

Funding is available to contribute to the translator’s fee and/or author’s advance only.

Australian publishers may also apply to support Australian translators producing foreign language works for local publication.

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Who may apply:

  • International publishers may apply for a contribution towards the translation of Australian works of creative writing.
  • Australian publishers may apply to support the translation of foreign language works provided they are using Australian translators.

Selection Criteria

Applications must demonstrate:
  • quality of the work
  • track record of the translator
  • publisher’s ability to market and promote the translated work

Assessment process

Applications will be assessed by Australia Council staff.

Support Material

Applicants must include evidence of their acquisition of translation rights in the work and information about how the authors will be paid. Publishers will need to address the following questions in their applications: 

  • Provide a short description of the title (up to 200 words) and some brief biographical details about the author.
  • Why do you feel this particular work or author is right for your list? 
  • Who is the editor/translator of the title? Please provide a biography listing their relevant experience.  
  • Describe your publishing house. 
  • What is the language of the proposed edition? 
  • How many copies of the book will be printed (minimum print run of 500 copies)? 
  • What is the retail price of the book? 
  • How much will the author/rights holder be paid? 
  • How and where will the book be distributed and promoted? 
  • For foreign publishers: have you published any other Australian authors? For Australian publishers: have you published any other translated works? List any comparable titles. 
  • Please attach a copy of the rights agreement. 

Download RTF version of these guidelines.


To discuss your application, please contact:

Wenona Byrne, Arts Practice Director - Literature, +61292159031,

Joanne Simpson, Grants Officer, +61292159057,

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