International residencies FAQs

All grant applications are submitted through our online system. 

We have anticipated a few of the questions about the application process below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are the residency dates flexible?

    Unless stated otherwise in the program description, all residencies are offered for fixed dates and periods of time.

  • If successful, am I able to extend my stay abroad?

    Yes, but this will be at your own cost and the Australia Council will not be able to provide additional funds towards the extension.

  • Do I have to provide a budget?

    No. You are not required to provide a budget with your application.

  • Do I have to provide a timetable of activities in my application?

    There is no requirement for you to provide a timetable of your activities, unless stated otherwise in the individual residency program guidelines.

  • Do I need travel insurance?

    Yes. If successful, you are required to take out travel insurance for the duration of your residency. It is recommended you pay for this from your grant.

  • If I am successful, am I able to take my partner, child or both?

    The capacity to accommodate children and partners varies for different residencies. Please check the program descriptions for specific requirements. At present, residencies that could potentially accommodate a family (dependant on the number of individuals) include HIAP in Helsinki, ACME in London, and BR Whiting in Rome. Please note that the programs are limited to the participating artist only and have various limitations e.g. communal living and/or working space or modest living quarters.

  • Is the grant I receive as part of my residency considered taxable income?

    Yes, the grant to an individual that accompanies a residency is considered income and taxable. Please visit the Australian Taxation Office website for more information.

  • Will the same residencies be offered every year?

    The Australia Council will offer residencies annually, and the round will fall in the second half of the calendar year. The International Residencies Program is dynamic and responsive and the programs on offer may vary from year to year. Please check our website prior to the annual closing date for information on which residencies will be offered.

  • Can I still apply to Career Development Grants for Individuals for a self-organised residency?

    Yes. If you are looking for some tips on organising your residency or programs in the region you’re interested in, check out the resources on our International Residencies Program web page.

  • How many residencies can I apply for per round?

    There is no limit to the number of applications you can submit to the International Residencies Program. However, you will need to consider how the assessors will perceive your commitment to a particular residency program and/or market if you have applied for multiple residencies. Each residency requires you to submit a separate application form. Please note, applications to International Development funding opportunities do not count as an application to the Australia Council Grants Program.

  • I have already received an Australia Council Residency, am I eligible to apply for another residency?

    Yes, as long as you have satisfactorily acquitted the previous residency grant.

  • If I have to take time off from my job to do a residency, what sort of compensation will I receive?

    The grant is not intended to cover lost income or rent at home and applicants will need to consider their capacity to undertake the residency prior to applying.

  • What information, resources and contacts will the Australia Council provide if I am successful?

    The Australia Council partners with established and reputable residency providers and each program is unique. Successful applicants will be provided with detailed information about each residency and introductions to the residency providers who will assist artists with making local connections. Australia Council staff are able to provide further advice and contacts, as requested. Australia Council’s International Development Consultants, across South and South East Asia, North Asia, Europe, and North America, are also available as an additional resource. Artists are also expected to have their own resources, contacts and project plans for the residency.

  • What can I use the grant for?

    The grant is a contribution from the Australia Council toward your travel (including airfares and travel insurance) and living costs during the residency period. Applicants are expected to research the cost of living in the residency location they are travelling to. You may need to supplement the grant with your own funds depending on your projected costs for the residency period.

  • Can the Australia Council provide assistance with applying for international visas?

    No. The Australia Council cannot provide any advice on visa or immigration matters. You must contact the relevant country’s visa service to get current information. We suggest you allow plenty of time to apply for all international visas.

  • Which residency programs are accessible to artists with disability?

    Accessibility varies for different residencies. Please check the program descriptions for specific requirements. At present, residencies that are accessible include ACME in London, EMPAC in New York, ISCP in New York, and Kunsterlhaus Bethanien in Berlin. Please contact the relevant adviser listed in the guidelines to discuss your access needs for these and other programs available through the International Residencies Program.

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