Re-imagine: Sector Recovery Initiatives FAQ's

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  • Who will assess my application?

    Australia Council staff will review applications against the assessment criteria. Where specialist knowledge is required, we will seek the advice of industry advisors to support our decisions.

  • How will the applications be assessed?

    Assessment will occur in two stages:

    • ·  Stage 1: Eligible applications will be reviewed against the assessment criteria and shortlisted for Stage 2.
    • ·  Stage 2: Shortlisted applicants will be invited to pitch their initiative to a panel.

  • When will I be notified about the outcome of my application?

    Successfully shortlisted applicants will be notified on the outcome of their application by:

    • ·  Stage 1 shortlist notification mid March 2021
    • ·  Stage 2 successful applicants by late April 2021

  • Does my initiative have to be completed by a specific date?

    Yes. Initiatives must start after 1 May 2021 and must be completed by 30 June 2022. 

  • Can I submit video or audio instead of a written application?

    Yes. We will accept applications in written format, audio and video format, including in Auslan. If you are submitting a video or audio application please follow the order of questions in the application form as closely as possible. 

    Video and audio applications must not be longer than six minutes. Please submit your application video or audio as part of the support material and note in the application form “refer to application video/audio.”

  • Can I apply in a language other than English, including Auslan?

    You may submit your application and support materials in a language other than English including Auslan. Support materials can include letters from project partners, collaborators or participants.

    We can arrange translation or captioning. Please contact the Artist Services Team at least four weeks before the closing date of the program to which you are intending to make an application. If you do not contact us at least four weeks before the closing date, we may not have sufficient time to meet your translation needs.

    Our online application form also has a checkbox at the top which you can tick if you have attached materials in a language other than English. This alerts the Artist Services Team that you have submitted these materials.

  • How can I get assistance with my application?

    We want to ensure we provide an accessible application process. Australia Council staff are available to assist you in understanding the purpose of the grant, application requirements, and submitting your application. Please also refer to our Accessibility page here for further information including utilising the NRS service.

    We encourage applicants to contact an Artist Services Officer in the first instance on (02) 9215 9000 or email:

    Where additional support required is beyond the scope of what our staff can provide, we may recommend speaking to an appropriate organisation for further assistance. We cannot review application drafts.

  • If I am successful in my application when will the funds be paid by Australia Council?

    We expect to pay successful applicants within eight weeks from the formal date of notification of their successful application. 

  • Will feedback be provided to unsuccessful applicants?

    Individual feedback will not be provided to unsuccessful applicants in Stage 1.  High-level feedback will be provided to shortlisted applicants who have been unsuccessful in Stage 2. 

  • Does my application to the Re-imagine: Sector Recovery Initiatives count as one of my allowable applications? 

    No. Applications to the Re-imagine: Sector Recovery Initiatives funding streams are exempt from the Australia Council’s limit on allowable applications in a calendar year. Please note that this allowable limit only applies to Arts Projects for Individuals, Groups and Organisations and Fellowships.

  • Can I apply to both streams?

    Yes, however you can only be successful in receiving funding for one of your applications. You cannot receive funding from both streams. 

  • Can I submit more than one application to both streams?

    No, you can only submit once to each stream. 

  • If I am successful in my application, what will be the nature of the Sector Development teams involvement?

    A member of the sector development team will be paired with successful applicants for the term of the awarded fund. The engagement with successful applicants can include but is not limited to:

    • -  Guidance on the design and development of the idea or initiative
    • -  Request for bi-monthly progress reports
    • -  Determination of appropriate acquittal format in consultation with successful applicants. 

    If you are successful, you will need to document your outcomes, sharing the lessons you learned and tools you developed. If applying to this funding stream, you acknowledge that this is a core acquittal requirement.

    If your application is successful, you grant the Australia Council a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive licence to the acquittal documentation you submit. This is so we can develop shared resources for Australia’s cultural and creative industries.


Content of application

  • Do I need to have confirmed partners in order to apply?

    If you are applying to the Re-imagine: Cultural and Creative Solutions stream you do not need to have confirmed partners. However, applications involving confirmed partners are likely to be more competitive.

    You need to have confirmed partners evidenced through letters of support if you are applying to the Re-imagine: Industry Collaborations stream. Confirmation from partners indicates their commitment to the project and provides strong evidence of viability. 

  • I would like to collaborate with a community, what support materials do I need to ensure my application is competitive?

    Evidence of their willingness to participate is essential. You should also describe your track record of working with this community, and explain what the community’s role will be, your process of working with them and what the artistic, creative or cultural benefits will be. 

  • Can I apply for this funding to make new work?

    Yes, but the activity must address the selection criteria in order to be competitive. We encourage you to consider the Arts Projects categories for new work applications.

  • Can I apply for an existing activity?

    Yes, provided you are able to make a compelling case against the selection criteria for the relevant opportunity. You will need to demonstrate how the activity goes beyond ‘business-as-usual’ in order to be competitive. You cannot apply for activity that has already taken place.

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