Travel, Rights and Translation Funds for Literature FAQ's

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Rights Fund for Literature FAQs

Translation Fund for Literature FAQs

  • Can I apply for funding to translate a deceased author?

    The aim of this fund is to support the work of living Australian authors. If you are applying to translate an author who is deceased, please provide details about your rationale including the timeliness of the publication of the work. 

  • Can I apply for funding to translate a series of works?

    Yes, provided you provide copies of rights agreements for all titles in the series. Funding support for more than one title must be included in the same application, and must not exceed $5000 in total. 

  • I’m a translator, can I apply for funds to translate a work?

    Yes, however you will need to provide a copy of the rights agreement and details of how the work will be published and distributed if there is no publisher in place. Applications from translators who don’t have a publisher in place can be submitted to Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups. 

Travel Fund FAQs

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