APAM 2018 – First Nations Market Readiness Workshop

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Event dates:   18 - 23 February 2018

Notification:   Week commencing 11 December 2017

About the opportunity

The First Nations Market Readiness Workshop is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and arts workers attending APAM for the first time.

The aim of the workshop is to prepare participants to navigate the international marketplace, to engage with presenters and producers, and leverage network opportunities. Ten places are available.

The program will commence with a full day workshop on 18 February 2018, followed by attendance at APAM from 19 – 23 February 2018. Please note attendance at the full program is mandatory.

The First Nations Market Readiness Workshop will cover the following areas:

  • An introduction to APAM 2018, including strategies for maximising active participation at the market
  • An introduction to market development planning processes that enable First Nations artists and arts workers to develop strategies and tactics to deliver their national and international development aspirations
  • Planning for national and international engagements that are culturally safe, viable and achievable
  • Establishing networks and building profile at national and international marketplaces
  • Selected interactions and activities with the participants of the First Nations Exchange program.

The program will be led by First Nations staff from the Australia Council’s Capacity Building team, who will provide support for participants throughout the market. 


The Australia Council will provide a full registration to APAM and catering during the workshop.

Participants are expected to arrange their own travel and accommodation for the duration of the event. We are working in collaboration withstate and territory arts agencies to provide a degree of support, however this is unconfirmed and funding is not guaranteed.

Please contact us for more information.


This opportunity is open only to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and arts workers.

You may apply to participate in either the First Nations Exchange or Readiness Workshop, not both. Please note that the Readiness Workshop is only open to first time APAM attendees.

Please check the general eligibility requirements on the Australia Council website.

Selection Criteria

You are required to respond to the following selection criteria:

Impact of the opportunity

  • How the opportunity will strengthen your capacity to deliver your individual or organisation’s business goals in a market context
  • The relevance and timeliness of the proposed opportunity in delivering your career goals.

Market readiness

  • How being at this event will consolidate and increase your target contacts and partnerships
  • How you expect to engage with colleagues and international participants


  • Whether you have work in existence or in development that has the potential to tour nationally or internationally
  • Whether you have the capacity to follow up on opportunities

Supporting material

Please attach a link to a sample of your work as an artist, or that you have worked on as a producer, presenter or other arts professional.

For details on how to upload your material, click here.

Selection process

Australia Council staff will consider Expressions of Interest according to the selection criteria above and will seek recommendations by industry advisors as needed.

You will be informed of the outcome of your Expression of Interest in the week commencing 11 December 2017.

How to submit an Expression of Interest

Click on the ‘Submit an EOI’ button at the bottom of this page. Expressions of Interest must be submitted via the Australia Council’s online system. To apply in the online system, please click on ‘Grants & Grant Reporting’ (drop down) and choose ‘Expressions of Interest (EOI)’.

Select ‘Start a new EOI’ and apply as an individual.

In the ‘Project description’, enter the title of the program.

Submit your written response to the selection criteria in the ‘Detailed description’ text field.

Note, this is an Expression of Interest and not a grant application. It does not count as an application to the Australia Council Grants Program.


To discuss your Expression of Interest for the First Nations Readiness Workshop, please contact Shannon Williams, Project Officer Capacity Building First Nations on 02 9215 9058 or s.williams@australiacouncil.gov.au

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