2020 Australia Council Awards Recipients

2020 Recipients

Margaret Wild 

Deborah Conway AM 

 Brook Andrew 

r e a 

Michelle Ryan 

Tommy Murphy 

Kath Duncan 

Autumn Skuthorpe 

2019 Recipients

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Helen Garner 
Content Image
David Bridie 
Content ImageSusan Norrie 
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Joyce Hinterding 

Content Image

Vicki Van Hout

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Rachael Maza 

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Rhoda Roberts AO 
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Fablice Manirakiza 

Featured content

Bruce Pascoe's Dark Emu
Bruce Pascoe’s award winning non-fiction book Dark Emu, published in 2014, is a monumental work of scholarship that disproved the long-held myth that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were nomadic hunter gatherers before European colonisation. Dark Emu reached No. 11 on the Independent Booksellers best-seller list and after 16 reprints it has sold over 35,000 copies. 
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Eight outstanding artists honoured at 2019 Australia Council Awards
Three First Nations artists are among the impressive list of Australia Council Award recipients, including Rhoda Roberts who will receive the prestigious Ros Bower Award, along with Rachael Maza (theatre) and Vicki Van Hout (dance).
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