The Space In Between

    12 April 2019

    An Australia Council for the Arts Vivid Event

    Date: Wednesday 12 June

    Time: 5:30pm- 9pm

    Location: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Level 6 Terrace Entrance

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    How do you imagine The Space in Between?

    What does it mean to be creative within a world where the future is increasingly shaped by technology? What is the place of the human? 

    In an increasingly complex landscape, we are all navigating boundaries between the human, the future, technology and creativity. The intersections create opportunities, but also challenges when we consider what they mean for artists, for creatives and across society.

    In an immersive discussion, an interdisciplinary panel of artists, creatives and thinkers will be provoked to explore the concept of The Space in Between. They will consider a range of areas including:

    • the value of arts and creativity across time, industries and societies
    • ethical navigation of change
    • the role of technology in shaping diverse identities and (re)shaping the relationship between arts creation and engagement
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