Kath Duncan - 2020 Australia Council Ros Bower Award for Community Arts and Cultural Development

    09 March 2020

    Kath Duncan has worked extensively across the arts sector, celebrating and embracing the importance of difference. She has been a key part of arts and disability programs including Quippings and Art of Difference. She appeared on the TV program No Limits, and was lead the ARC Linkage Research project The Last Avant Garde in partnership with Arts Access Victoria and with the Universities of Melbourne and Sydney. 

    She is a writer, a director, a provocateur, a visual artist, a comedian, a producer, a journalist, a radio presenter, a researcher and more – whatever she can be to explore new ideas. Her work has also provided voice and strength to others. She has helped to develop a well-spring of talent in the kind of inclusive way that sees artists of all descriptions find their story, their practice and their community. 

    Much of Kath’s art is steeped in her own lived experience. Her art is truthful, raucously funny, discombobulating and piercingly blunt. She uses her work to share her knowledge that the lived experience of disability is a source of deep and abiding pride. 

    In 2010, Kath cofounded Quippings, a diverse and inclusive independent cabaret ensemble and platform which has revolutionised pathways into the disability arts and independent arts scenes, nurturing hundreds of young and emerging intersectional disabled artists to develop skills across artistic domains from performance to production. 

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