Fiona Hall - Venice Biennale 2015

    25 March 2015

    Adelaide artist Fiona Hall has revealed a work from Wrong WaTime, her exhibition for Australia’s official representation at the 2015 VenicBiennale.

    The event was held at the Art Gallery of South Australia yesterday to mark the Australian launch of the exhibition before it is unveiled in Venice on 6 May during the Vernissage period. 

    The work, a ‘hanging figure’ is one of twenty comprising All the King’s Men, the central piece in Hall’s Venice installation.

    The figures are knitted out of shredded camouflage fabric from military uniforms from various countries. Ghostly vestigial bodies hang from mask-like, disfigured heads, forming a disturbing group that represents the foot-soldiers who are casualties of conflict regardless of nationality.

    In Wrong Way Time, Fiona Hall brings together hundreds of elements, each embedded with layers of meaning. Together, the works focus powerfully on the intersecting themes of global conflict, world finances and the environment, which Hall perceives as a “minefield of madness, badness and sadness in equal measure”.

    In what will be a milestone year for Australia in Venice, Wrong WaTime will be the first exhibition to be held in Australia’s new pavilion, designed by Denton Corker Marshall, and managed by Australia Council for the Arts. This will be the first twenty-first century building within the Biennale’s historic Giardini precinct.

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