Speeches and Opinion

'Why supporting the arts makes sense for everyone' 11 November 2016 - Rupert Myer AO

30 November 2016

You are first amongst the growing number of Australians who experience and participate in the arts as part of their every day, and you already believe that the arts enrich and create meaning in peoples’ lives, that they have the capacity to unify communities, activate spaces, promote sustainable development, investment, tourism and economic activity, supplement education and improve health, increase well-being and shine the spotlight on local, national and global issues.

International Society of Performing Arts Fellowship Announcement 3 June 2016 – Dr Wendy Were

29 June 2016

Dr Wendy Were talks about the challenges faced by the Australian arts sector, international development managers, continuing support programs, the launch of the ISPA Fellowship and Regional Fellowships Program.

National Indigenous Arts Awards 27 May 2016 – Rupert Myer AO

30 May 2016

The acknowledgement of the central purpose of these National Indigenous Art Awards which is to celebrate the achievements and artistic creativity of exceptional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Innovation and the Arts (The Arts: Genesis and Frontier of Innovation) - Rupert Myer AO

05 May 2016

The arts embrace broad expressions of human creative skill and imagination, practices, traditions and disciplines typically producing works such as painting, music, literature and dance, amongst much else, to be appreciated primarily for their emotional power. While innovation is commonly perceived as a technology-driven phenomenon, it is in fact present in all forms of human endeavour, be that in science, medicine, social development, the environment, or the arts. It is important to every sector of the economy and every part of our social fabric.

Sidney Myer Performing Arts Awards - Rupert Myer

29 January 2016

Rupert Myer presenting awards to recipients of the Performing Arts Award Facilitator Prize – Daniel Clarke, Performing Arts Group Award Winners – MOFO & DARK MOFO, Performing Arts Individual Award Winner – Ursula Yovich at the Sidney Myer Performing Arts Awards, Sydney Opera House, Thursday January 21, 2016.

ArtsHub Conference - Robyn Archer AO

26 June 2015

I decided that I didn’t want to ramble on in familiar territory, on my favourite topics, but to try hard to address what might be the most important thing on the horizon of arts and culture, bearing in mind, the overarching theme of the conference which was expressed to me as ‘how art and artists contribute to community: stories to inspire a creative industry’.

2015 Sydney College of the Arts Graduation Ceremony - Rupert Myer AO

17 April 2015

It is a real privilege, and a considerable responsibility, to make these remarks, and I am indebted to the Sydney College of the Arts for the opportunity to do so, in this magnificent Great Hall. I would like to begin by saying to the graduates: ‘Congratulations’.

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