2018 Marketing Summit Exhibitors

The 2018 Australia Council Marketing, Communications and Ticketing Summit includes an engaging product exhibition, curated by Mission Tickets . 

Mission Tickets Pty Ltd is jointly owned by Angela Gahan and Jo Michel, two of the most experienced ticketing professionals in Australia. As co-founders of Mission Tickets, Angela and Jo have teamed with the Australia Council for the Arts to create access to specialised ticketing expertise that provides education on key trends, innovation and new technology from both local and international suppliers and organisations. Filling a gap in the Australian and Asia-Pacific market they have combined forces to apply their vast combined 40 years of ticketing knowledge and experience from the not-for-profit and commercial areas.

The objective of Mission Tickets is to establish an ongoing educational resource in the form of a national ticketing conference for the Australian and Asia-Pacific market primarily focusing on ticketing, technical and data resources and innovation.

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