In conversation with the Australia Council - Session 1

In conversation with the Australia Council - Session 1

Topic: Economic value of the arts and creative industries

Date: Monday 7 December 2020

Time: 8pm AEDT

Guest panellists: 

  • George Megalogenis, author and journalist: George Megalogenis is one of Australia’s leading political and economic thinkers. He is an author and journalist with three decades’ experience in the media. His book, The Australian Moment, won the 2013 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Non-fiction and the 2012 Walkley Award for Non-fiction, and formed the basis for his ABC documentary series Making Australia Great.
  • Dr Wendy Were, Executive Director Advocacy and Development, Australia Council for the Arts: Dr Wendy Were is Executive Director, Advocacy and Development at the Australia Council. Wendy has held many creative leadership roles over the last two decades, including Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Sydney Writers’ Festival, CEO of West Australian Music, Business Advisor with the Creative Industries Innovation Centre, and Producer at the Perth Festival. Wendy also holds a PhD in Literature, awarded with Distinction. 

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About this Episode

Research repeatedly identifies creative skills as essential to workforces of the future. Creativity is essential to the 21st century professional skillset, enabling adaptability, experimentation and innovative thinking. In an ever more uncertain world, challenges will become increasingly complex. It follows that the jobs of the future will require an agile, empathetic and creative-thinking workforce with high level technical and equally high-capacity imaginative thinking skills to best make use of their knowledge. Join George Megalogenis and Dr Wendy Were to discuss the place of creative skills, the professional artist and the arts as we create our future. 

About the series

Discussing the importance and impact of good public policy to ensure a healthy Australia following the recent year of devastation, join subject matter experts to explore the economic, social and cultural value of creativity for all Australians.

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