National Performing Arts Touring Scan

The Australia Council is pleased to announce that Jordan Gibbs from Culture Counts and Independent Consultant Merryn Carter have been awarded the tender for the National Performing Arts Touring Scan.

Support for a National Touring Scan was expressed through the Major Performing Arts Framework Public Consultations during September to November 2018, in which the need for better coordination and alignment of touring, both interstate and intrastate, was identified as an urgent priority. The work will be overseen by the Australia Council and will include consultation with all state and territory funding agencies and the sector.

The purpose of the Scan is to develop a clear understanding of the scope of non-commercial professional performing arts touring including associated engagement activities, reach and networks across Australia. Information gained through the Scan will enable governments to collaboratively support touring and to anticipate and respond to opportunities for more Australians to experience the performing arts. The Scan will take place throughout 2020.

About the consultants

Culture Counts is an international monitoring and evaluation platform that has developed research methodologies and tools to assist federal, state and local governments and cultural organisations to implement outcomes-driven and evidence-based decision-making. Culture Counts has a strong technological capability that can be applied to varied data sets, with an Australian database of over 10 million data points

Merryn Carter is an experienced arts specialist consultant who provides research services including audience research, program planning, marketing planning and ticketing system review, and audience development planning. Merryn has a comprehensive knowledge of the Australian performing arts touring landscape and a detailed appreciation of the current issues in touring from many perspectives.


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