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The Australia Council for the Arts has a strong history in providing professional development opportunities to Australian arts leaders and organisations. The Australia Council launched its first leadership program, the Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP), in 2010. The ELDP was developed to support the development of emerging leaders and in response to a lack of succession within large Australian arts and cultural institutions. The program ran for five successful years and supported over 130 leaders over that period.

In 2015, the Australia Council completed detailed needs analysis by consulting with various arts leaders including alumni from existing programs. These arts leaders identified the need for a bespoke program to develop their leadership capabilities.

The Australia Council launched the current suite of leadership programs in 2016 with over 600 leaders having benefited from the activity under the program. The program aims to build capacity and enrich arts and cultural sector leaders through knowledge sharing and network building across the region and areas of specialisation.

Council is now developing a new First Nations Leadership Program and professional development opportunities for executives.

Over the years Australia Council programs such as these have made a positive impact on the sector and individual careers. As with many capacity building investments, the full extent of the impact of these programs will be realised over the long term.

the scholarship program
The Scholarships Program
We partnered with others to 
provide further opportunities.

the leadership exchange
The Leadership Exchange 
This program invites local and 
regional leaders to join the 

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For more information about the Leadership Program please contact us on:

(02) 9215 9036 or leadershipprogram@australiacouncil.gov.au

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