Artistic Vibrancy

Arts organisations are well-versed in describing aspects of their impact. They count everything that can be given a number: audience numbers, ticket sales, award nominations, alumni successes - the list goes on. But art’s impact cannot be wholly explained with numbers, or narrow definitions of “excellence.” 

The Artistic Vibrancy Framework is a way for organisations to talk about their artistic impact in an holistic manner.

The framework offers arts organisations:

• a language for communicating about artistic matters with non-artists, such as boards and funders

• processes for gathering genuinely useful, internal and external feedback about the artistic impact of the organisation

• a pathway for reflection and change, so that organisations can remain relevant to their stakeholders and contemporary life

We hope that the framework will continue to evolve, remaining relevant and meaningful to arts organisations and funders alike.

The Dimensions

Each of the five core dimensions represent an aspect of an organisation’s overall artistic health.


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