Arts Learning Forum

2015 Arts Learning Forum - Melbourne

The Arts Learning Forum was a three-day event for arts professionals with a role or interest in arts education, learning or engagement across all art forms, ages and communities.

Delegates exchanged insights, practices and creative ideas and be inspired by Australian and international leaders.

The forum was part of the Australia Council’s continued commitment to build capacity of the sector and to help make the arts more accessible to all Australians. It extends the work of the Arts Education Forum established by Major Performing Arts companies in 2010. 

Some of the highlights of the program include:

Arts Learning Forum

Katherine brought over 35 years of experience as a thinker, musician and cultural activist to the opening address of the Forum. She shared with us her journey, how she had experienced and implemented participatory learning, and the importance of the moment.  

Watch the full video here.

The following is a selection of Katie Keys' poems that she created during Katherine's talk.

A way to know ourselves,
the world made clear,
a witness just to be:
we can’t consume
what we can just become.

The energy we make:
we give and grow
and make again.
The arts renewed
and feeding on itself.

The magic of people
who have found their place.
The spirit of purpose and play.

Release yourself. Become.
You are resolved.
You can be known.
You will accrue
the light and art
and love you need.

When you know the moment,
when you strike the chord,
the light, the sight unseen,
the self once hidden on display.

Footscray Community Arts Centre venue partner and QUT Creative industries facilitator partner

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