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1. Check the 3-Step Framework for a COVIDSafe Australia and relevant State/Territory and local government restrictions and requirements.

2. Are there existing artform, venue or sector plans that can guide your decision making?

  • Do you have food and beverage or retail space? Don’t forget to look at restrictions and plans for these industries too.

3. Consider what your responsibility is regarding planning and compliance. Does your responsibility intersect with others? 

  • E.g. a company hiring rehearsal space.

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State and Territory Breakdown: Requirements for Business

The National COVID-19 Coordination Commission has compiled resources to assist in the development of business COVIDSafe Plans. These principles and requirements have been agreed upon by each State and Territory, however each jurisdiction has imposed variations to the restrictions and requirements of businesses. 

Monitor your relevant State or Territory’s COVID-19 plan to ensure you are aware of the most up to date information.

Queensland: As of June 1, Queensland is in Stage 2 of the Roadmap to easing restrictions.

Requirements for businesses:

  • Update - as of 3 July, Queensland is in Stage 3 of the Roadmap to Easing of Restrictions, including border changes. 
  • In Queensland, a business (excluding those identified as high-risk) must have a workplace health and safety (WHS) plan in place that covers COVID-19 risks. WHS plans do not need to be submitted to an authority for approval. The plan, or a summary of it, should be displayed to show that your business is operating safely, and will need to be produced if requested by authorities.
  • High-risk industries have been identified as providing dining in services, beauty therapy services, nail salons, tattoo parlours, spas and tanning services.

Requirements for exemptions: 

  • From Stage 2 the Queensland Government will provide industries the opportunity to submit a COVID Safe Plan to allow additional patrons on business premises based on industry best practice and demonstratable ability to provide a safe enough environment to allow more flexibility. COVID Safe Plans must be submitted to Queensland Health for approval ( ). Individual businesses that fall within the industry are able to apply the Industry plan’s guidelines with a compliance certificate issued by the Industry Body. If you do not wish to adopt the Industry Plan,
  • See the guide for industry COVID Safe plans for further information in developing an industry plan.
  • From Stage 2 the Queensland Government will provide eligible large unique sites the opportunity to submit a site-specific plan. See the Government’s Fact Sheet for further information and advice.

Additional resources: 

Northern Territory: As of 15 May, the Northern Territory is in Stage 2. Stage 3 is expected to commence on Friday 5 June. See the Roadmap to the New Normal for details. 

Requirements for businesses:

  • Update - as of 5 June, the Northern Territory is in Stage 3 of the Roadmap to the New Normal. Various guidelines and checklists, including for cinemas theatres, nightclubs and entertainment venues, and events and public gatherings are now available
  • All businesses or organisations must complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan prior to commencement of operations to demonstrate how you will meet the required physical distancing and hygiene rules. The Northern Territory government’s Steps to the New Normal Business Restart provides access to the online COVID-19 checklists to be completed.
  • Once your checklist has been submitted, an environmental health officer will visit you to carry out a compliance check to ensure you are meeting your responsibilities outlined in your COVID-19 safety plan.

Additional resources:

Western Australia: As of 18 May, Western Australia is in Phase 2. Phase 3 is expected to commence from Saturday 6 June, allowing more businesses to reopen and some businesses to further increase capacity and service. Visit the WA Roadmap for further details.

Requirements for businesses: 

  • Update - as of 27 June, Western Australia is in Phase 4 of the Roadmap to ease Covid-19 restrictions. Phase 5 is planned to be introduced on Saturday, 18 July and will result in the removal of the 2 square metre rule
  • Western Australia businesses must comply with conditions outlined in the COVID Safety Guidelines, submit a COVID Safety Plan prior to reopening and display the completed plan in a visible location on the premises.
  • To reopen during Phase 2, businesses need to complete a Phase 2 COVID Safety Plan and comply with the Safety Guidelines.
  • To reopen during Phase 3, businesses need to complete a Phase 3 COVID Safety Plan and comply with the Safety Guidelines.

Additional resources:

South Australia: As of 1 June, South Australia have entered Recovery Step 2 of the Roadmap for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions .

Requirements for businesses: 

  • Update - as of 29 June, South Australia will enter Recovery Step 3 of the Roadmap for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions. All businesses, activities and gatherings allowed under Step 3 are listed in the Public activities direction no 3.
  • Businesses reopening after COVID-19 restrictions are required to create a COVID-Safe Plan. Businesses that were not required to close are still encouraged to complete a plan.
  • The plan should be printed and made available at the premises and produced on request by an authorised officer. You may choose to display the Plan or a Record of Completion in a location visible to patrons.

Additional resources:

Australian Capital Territory: As of Friday 29 May, the ACT entered Stage 2.1 of Canberra’s Recovery Plan.

Requirements for businesses: 

Additional resources:

Victoria: As of Monday 1 June, Victoria has further eased restrictions. View the gradual easing of restrictions page at the Department of Health and Human Services for more details.

Requirements for businesses: 

  • Update – From 1 July, restrictions are tightening for 10 postcodes. View the current restriction levels at the Department of Health and Human Services for more detail. 
  • The Victorian Government are developing guidelines with specific industry bodies to ensure appropriate safety measures can be put in place. These guidelines currently exist for hospitality, tourism and restaurants and cafes.
  • In accordance with the National standard, organisations are required to update WHS plans to reflect their response to COVID-19. Response plans do not need to be approved by an authority.

Additional resources:

New South Wales: From Monday 1 June the New South Wales Government have eased certain restrictions. View the current restrictions at the NSW COVID-19 website.

Requirements for businesses: 

  • Update – starting 1 July, the NSW Government has further eased restrictions. View the current restrictions at the NSW COVID-19 website. Various guidelines and checklists, including for cinemas, theatres, concert halls, drive-in cinemas, and community centres and halls are now available.   
  • The NSW Government have provided industry-specific advice and guidelines for businesses and organisations eligible to reopen. As of 1 June, guidelines for libraries and museums and galleries have been released, and require a specific checklist and COVID-19 Safety Plan to be developed.
  • All businesses and organisations need to comply with national and state public health orders, and follow the SafeWork NSW guide to maintain safe working environments.

Additional resources:

Tasmania: As of 18 May, Tasmania is in Stage 1 of easing restrictions according to the Roadmap to Recovery.

Requirements for businesses: 

  • Update - as of 26 June, all businesses and workplaces in Tasmania are now permitted to operate. 
  • As part of the ‘Rebuild a Stronger Tasmania’ plan all workplaces are required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan to demonstrate their compliance with the Minimum Standards.
  • The Tasmanian Government have developed Workplace toolbox resources to help develop your COVID-19 Safety Plan. This includes checklists, guidelines and templates for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Additional resources:

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