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Join us to explore the importance and impact of good public policy to ensure a healthy Australia following the recent year of devastation. In the first season of our In Conversation series, subject matter experts will discuss the economic, social and cultural value of creativity for all Australians.

All the sessions' recordings are now avavilable.

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First Nations' Roundtable 

The Australia Council for the Arts will be hosting a series of First Nations' Roundtables for arts and creative independents, and organisations, to discuss the current situation that affects us all in relation to COVID-19.

Creative Connections 

Creative Connections is an online webinar series for the cultural and arts sectors and will offer practical, accessible and useful content delivered by industry experts on key topics and emerging themes.

Think Inside the Square 

Every week, industry experts, artists and digital adaptors will join the panel to discuss solutions and ideas that inform the industry.

Intel: Podcast series

 Australia Council’s INTEL: PODCAST SERIES is a peer-to-peer market intelligence resource designed to inform and upskill the arts sector on ‘live’, best practice, and innovative approaches to international engagement.

Creating Our Future: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey

Creating Our Future: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey is the fourth study in the landmark research series that explores Australians’ engagement with and attitudes towards the arts.

The National Arts Participation Survey asks how Australians are engaging with arts and creativity in our daily lives. How do Australians feel about arts and creativity? How is our arts engagement changing? Do we recognise the impacts of arts and creativity in our lives and communities? How do Australians feel about public funding for the arts?

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As the COVID-19 crisis continues, the Australia Council is working with Patternmakers and WolfBrown again in 2021 to understand changes in behaviours and sentiments of arts-goers in the wake of the pandemic. 

Restrictions on public gatherings and travel forced many in the arts community to shut their doors and cancel programs and activities. Throughout 2020, the Audience Outlook Monitor tracking study provided the arts and cultural sector with crucial insights to inform planning and decision-making.

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