Intel: Podcast Series

Intel: Podcast Series - Episode 3

Topic: Showing up for each other

Publishing date: Thursday, 7 May 2020

Guest speaker: 

Listen as Samara Hersch asks and answers questions about the difference between digital and live experiences, the way time moves on the web and how we can keep showing up for each other during this time.

Theatre-maker Samara Hersch was pitching her work We all know what’s happening made with collaborator and friend Lara Thoms at the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) in February this year. Samara had flown in from Amsterdam, where she now lives, for her first ever APAM pitch. En route back, she was to make a pitstop at Singapore to work with The Theatre Practice and facilitate conversations with young people there as part of her ongoing work Body of knowledge, supported by Australia Council and the National Arts Council, Singapore. Alas, COVID-19 hit, borders closed, flights halted and Samara is currently stuck in Melbourne. She shares how she facilitated the conversation with young people anyway, from her bedroom!

Samara chats through questions of distance, proximity, presence and absence in her practice and the very real need to keep showing up for each other during this time. 

Image credit: Samara Hersch, We all know what's happening. Credit: Byrony Jackson 

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Sound design: Sudeep Lingamneni and Marco Cher-Gibard

Editing and mastering: Jonnine Nokes 

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