Intel: Podcast Series

Intel: Podcast Series - Episode 5

Topic: Things will have to wait 

Publishing date: 21 May 2020

Guest speakers: 

What does it mean to be under a stay at home order when you’re far from home? In this podcast we speak to two international artists, dancer and choreographer, James Batchelor, and composer and musician, Judith Hamann. 
Both artists in residence, James speaks from lockdown at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris and Judith calls in from Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP), located on a small island 20 minutes from the city. 

Embarking on their respective residencies at the beginning of March, each artist experienced a swift and dramatic change of circumstance. Here they discuss the gap between their original ambitions – for live performance, for choirs and collaboration, for networking and sightseeing – and their new, circumscribed reality. Connection is still possible, “thank God for Wi-Fi”, but we might observe that isolation breeds introspection. Is there something almost utopian about a residency truly cut off in space and time? What conditions for creation can be maintained in isolation, and what will have to wait?

And, ultimately, where is home anyway? 

Here we consider what home means for these international Australian artists, whose artistic development and professional practice means / has meant they are always on the move.

What does it mean to stop and to stay?

Image credit: Judith Hamann

Australia Council for the Arts · Episode 5: Things will have to wait - Judith Hamann & James Batchelor

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Sound design: Sudeep Lingamneni

Editing and mastering:  Jonnine Nokes

Music credits:

Judith Hamann - Etude for Multiphonics
Judith Hamann & Rosalind Hall - Gossamers
Judith Hamann & Lori Goldston - Alloys

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