Intel: Podcast Series

Intel: Podcast Series - Episode 7

Topic: Looking back to look forward

Publishing date: 20 August 2020

Guest speaker: 

In this bonus episode we chat with First Nations artist, curator and writer Jacob Boehme. Jacob has worked across North America, Europe, North Asia, South East Asia and South Asia, and we chat to Jacob on the wisdom of ancestors and elders on country, the need for intergenerational processes and taking a deep pause so we can learn from the long history of this land in catalysing alternate futures. 

Image credit: image courtesy of the artist. 

Australia Council for the Arts · Episode 7 - Looking back to look forward: Jacob Boehme

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Production credits

Sound design: Sudeep Lingamneni and James Henry 

Editing and mastering:  Jonnine Nokes

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The Australia Council’s INTEL: PODCAST SERIES is a peer-to-peer market intelligence resource designed to inform and upskill the arts sector on ‘live’, best practice, and innovative approaches to international engagement. The series spotlights guests who are actively forging pathways for the internationalisation of Australian work, and who continue to work within a cross-cultural and cross-border capacity.

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