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Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is a supported 12 month mentoring relationship for artists and arts workers. You can enter the program as a mentee or a mentor for the Australia Council to create a mentoring relationship or you can enter the program with a self-generated mentoring relationship. This program is open by registration, where at least one half of the mentoring pair is an alumni of an Australia Council Leadership Program. Eligibility requirements are detailed below, but it is not a requirement that both members of the mentoring pair work in the arts.

It is expected that each mentoring pair will commit to at least 10-12 one hour meetings over the 12 months of the program. While we’d encourage at least some of these meetings to be held in person, we can also provide support for telephone or online sessions.

Additionally, the program comprises:

  • 1x 3 hour in-person group induction for both mentors and mentees at the commencement of the program. This induction will introduce the framework around mentoring and help develop a shared language to enhance the relationship
  • 3x 2 hour group catch-ups for both mentors and mentees held at approximately three month intervals over the course of the program. These are designed to check-in on progress and share experiences
  • Access to mentoring resources including tools and online support.

The Australia Council can support mentor fees where applicable.


  • To enhance the capacity of artists and arts workers by creating an informed and flexible structure around a mentoring relationship
  • To build an ongoing legacy of effective mentoring in the arts sector.

Program Outcomes

  • Mentees will have a greater confidence, self-awareness and capacity to pursue their own goals- leading to a stronger sector
  • Both mentors and mentees will be exposed to different perspectives
  • Mentoring pairs have a shared language and understanding of mentoring, which can be used in their future roles as mentors- creating an ongoing legacy of support within the sector
  • Enhanced networking relationships for both mentors and mentees.

Registration and Eligibility

Registrations for this program are below via an online questionnaire. You can register as a mentor or a mentee, or as an existing pair. There is no closing date for registrations, but please note the following eligibility conditions:

  • For mentee registrations- you must be an alumni of an Australia Council leadership program, or by invitation. Alumni programs are listed below
  • For mentor registrations- no specific eligibility conditions, alumni are encouraged to register
  • For existing pairs- at least one member of the pair must be an alumni of an Australia Council leadership program, or by invitation. Alumni programs are listed below. If the relationship has commenced, the program will be of most benefit in the early stages. Please note that each member of the pair must complete an individual questionnaire.

Eligible Alumni programs include: ACCELERATE Indigenous Leadership Program, Arts Leaders Program*, Emerging Leaders Development Program, Future Leaders Program*, ISPA Fellowships, SYNC Leadership Program. If your program is not listed here, please contact Capacity Building on 02 9215 9115 to confirm your eligibility before registering.

*- participants in these programs are eligible only after concluding the first residential intensive

Registrations will be reviewed by Capacity Building staff, who will contact you as positions become available in the Mentoring Program. Entry into the program will be aligned with regularly scheduled induction sessions. For further information on the Mentoring Program contact Ian Whitney on (02) 9215 9115, or

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