Multi-year funded organisations

Statistical Reporting Templates

Arts Organisations can use the templates provided here to enter the statistical data on Performances, School Programs, Workshops and Exhibitions. You can then upload the CSV file in the corresponding sections of the online Statistical Data report. Click here to go to the online reporting system.

Please follow the instruction in each template file to enter data and generate the CSV file.

Available templates:

Workshops Data Upload Template (1.7 MB excel file)

Schools Data Upload Template (1.7 MB excel file)

Performances Data Upload Template (1.9 MB excel file)

Exhibitions Data Upload Template (1.6 MB excel file)

Template use for Mac users:

  1. Click on the desired template. Please note that the file will be downloaded as a text file
  2. Right click and save the link on your desktop to find easily or locate the downloaded file
  3. Right click the file, hover the pointer over ‘Open With’, select ‘Other’
  4. In the new dialogue box, left hand option select ‘Applications’
  5. Locate and select ‘Microsoft Office’
  6. Towards the bottom of the dialogue box, ‘Enable: All applications’
  7. Select Microsoft Excel
  8. Hit the open button.
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