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International arts tourists are drawn to regional Australia

November 18, 2018

Art drawn on silos in the country

Phlegm & Hense for PUBLIC Silo Trail. Northam, 2015. Photograph by Bewley Shaylor, courtesy of FORM.

International arts tourists are more likely to visit regional Australia than international tourists overall.

While large arts venues and major events in capital cities attract the largest numbers of international tourists, there is opportunity for a broad range of arts offerings across the country to attract tourists seeking diverse and authentic experiences.

Arts tourists are more likely to travel outside capital cities (42%) than overall tourists (34%). This trend is growing – since 2013 there has been a 41% increase in international arts tourists visiting regional areas, while total international tourists visiting regional areas increased by 37%.

The many rich arts offerings in regional areas may be helping to drive regional tourism among international visitors.

Touring to regional Australia not only allows arts and artists to reach new audiences but supports the development of the local arts economy and increases opportunities for cultural tourism.

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International tourists by metropolitan and regional areas.

Explore the annual trends for metropolitan and regional areas within each state and territory.

Source: Tourism Research Australia (TRA)’s International Visitor Survey (IVS)

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