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attend cultural
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Engagement with arts and culture in Hume

People in Hume aged 15 years and over are engaged with arts and culture. In 2017-18 they attended a range of venues and events including theatre, dance and music performances as well as cinemas, arts galleries and museums.


35% were involved in creative activities themselves, such as performing, singing or playing a musical instrument, dancing, writing, visual art and craft.

* Data should be interpreted with caution due to the variability of estimates.

Children's engagement with arts and culture in Hume

attend cultural
venues or events
participate in
creative activities
Note: Estimates of 100% should be interpreted as representing a very high participation rate. It does not necessarily reflect that all children participated in the selected activity.

Source: Based on ABS data. Attendance at Selected Cultural Venues and Events, 2017-18 (cat no. 4114.0); Participation in selected Cultural Activities, 2017-18 (cat no. 4921.0) About this data

Hume is part of Regional NSW.

Residents of Regional NSW value the arts:

  • 78% agree that First Nations arts are an important part of Australia’s culture
  • 77% agree that they feel proud when Australian artists do well overseas
  • 76% agree that artists make an important contribution to Australian society

Source: Australia Council 2017, Connecting Australians: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey. About this data


Residents of Regional NSW believe the arts have a positive impact on:

  • Stimulating their minds (67%)
  • Their ability to express themselves (64%)
  • Their ability to think creatively and develop new ideas (64%)

Hume population

Total population 158,069

Age groups

Source: Based on 2017 Estimated Resident Population ABS data. Discover Your Commonwealth Electoral Division, 2019 (cat no. 2082.0) About this data

Ticket buying in Hume

Explore ticket buying of residents in the electorate compared to the national average across arts and sport events. This data is based on data from TEG which incorporates Ticketek and Eventopia. It excludes free/unticketed events, and venues for which TEG does not sell. For arts and sport category definitions click here

  • Arts: those who bought tickets to an arts event. Arts includes all live performance events including festivals, theatre, exhibitions, concerts, comedy, school performances.
  • Sport: those who bought tickets to a sport event. Sport includes all competition events and would excludes events such as charity or exhibition matches.
  • Any event, arts or sport: all people who bought tickets to arts and/or sport events. This includes all of three categories of arts, sport and both arts and sport.
  • BOTH arts and sport: this includes a subset of people from the first two categories above, those who bought tickets to both an arts and sport events.
Choose a measure

What does this measure?

The average number of TEG tickets purchased by ticket-buyers in 2018-19 (electorate average compared to the national average).

What does this measure?

The average number of separate TEG events for which ticket-buyers purchased tickets to in 2018-19 (electorate average compared to national average).

What does this measure?

The average amount spent on TEG tickets by ticket buyers in 2018-19 (electorate average compared to the national average).

What does this measure?

The proportion of TEG ticket buyers who purchased tickets to events held in their own electorate in 2018-19 (% in electorate, compared to % of all Australian ticket buyers who bought tickets in their respective electorates).

What does this measure?

The proportion of TEG ticket buyers who purchased tickets to events held in other electorates in their own state/territory in 2018-19 (% in electorate, compared to % of all Australian ticket buyers who purchased tickets in other electorates in their respective state/territories).

What does this measure?

The proportion of TEG ticket buyers who purchased tickets to events held interstate in 2018-19 (% in electorate, compared to % of all Australians who purchased tickets interstate).

Missing values indicate sample too small to measure.

Source: TEG Analytics. About this data

Cinemas in Hume

2 cinemas
12 screens
2,182 seats

Further information on the arts by location

AMPAG to explore major performing arts activity using an interactive touring map.

National Touring Selector to explore performing arts venues.

Australian Booksellers Association to find bookshops.

Australian Libraries Gateway to find a library.

Art Almanac to find galleries and current exhibitions.

MCM Jurisdiction Profiles provide an overview of arts and culture at the national and state/territory level.

Source: Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia (MPDAA) 2019. About this data


Cultural and creative employment in Hume

Information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on cultural and creative employment encompasses activities that require human creativity and communicate symbolic meaning. It includes those connected with the arts, media, heritage, design, fashion and information technology.

Occupations can be classified as cultural or creative or both cultural and creative. For definitions and lists of occupations click here

Occupation Definitions


Environmental Manager, Antique Dealer, Cinema or Theatre Manager, Park Ranger, Art Teacher (Private Tuition), Dance Teacher (Private Tuition), Drama Teacher (Private Tuition), Music Teacher (Private Tuition), Historian, Community Arts Worker, Architectural Draftsperson, Zookeeper, Printing Trades Workers nfd, Print Finishers and Screen Printers nfd, Print Finisher, Screen Printer, Graphic Pre-press Trades Worker, Printers, Printing Machinist, Small Offset Printer, Picture Framer, Gallery Library and Museum Technicians nfd, Gallery or Museum Technician, Library Technician, Performing Arts Technicians nfd, Broadcast Transmitter Operator, Camera Operator (Film, Television or Video), Light Technician, Musical Instrument Maker or Repairer, Sound Technician, Television Equipment Operator, Performing Arts Technicians, Signwriter, Photographer’s Assistant, Gallery Museum and Tour Guides nfd, Gallery or Museum Guide, Classified Advertising Clerk, Library Assistant, Proof Reader, Visual Merchandiser, Motion Picture Projectionist, Printing Assistants and Table Workers nfd, Printer’s Assistant, Printing Table Worker


Architects, Designers, Planners and Surveyors nfd, Naval Architect, Business and Systems Analysts nfd, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Software and Applications Programmers nfd, Analyst, Programmer, Developer Programmer, Software and Applications Programmers nec

Both Cultural and Creative

Advertising Public Relations and Sales Managers nfd, Advertising Manager, Public Relations Manager, Arts Administrator or Manager, Arts and Media Professionals nfd, Arts Professionals, Actors Dancers and Other Entertainers nfd, Actor, Dancer or Choreographer, Entertainer or Variety Artist, Actors Dancers and Other Entertainers nec, Music Professionals, Composer, Music Director, Musician (Instrumental), Singer, Music Professionals, Photographer, Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals nfd, Painter (Visual Arts), Potter or Ceramic Artist, Sculptor, Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals nec, Media Professionals nfd, Artistic Directors and Media Producers and Presenters nfd, Artistic Director, Media Producer (excluding Video), Radio Presenter, Television Presenter, Authors and Book and Script Editors nfd, Author, Book or Script Editor, Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors nfd, Art Director (Film, Television or Stage), Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Director of Photography, Film and Video Editor, Program Director (Television or Radio), Stage Manager, Technical Director, Video Producer, Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors nec, Journalists and Other Writers, Copywriter, Newspaper or Periodical Editor, Print Journalist, Radio Journalist, Technical Writer, Television Journalist, Journalists and Other Writers, Archivists, Curators and Records Managers nfd, Archivist, Gallery or Museum Curator, Librarian, Advertising and Marketing Professionals nfd, Advertising Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Public Relations Professional, Architects and Landscape Architects nfd, Architect, Landscape Architect, Fashion, industrial and Jewellery Designers nfd, Fashion Designer, Industrial Designer, Jewellery Designer, Graphic and Web Designers and Illustrators nfd, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Multimedia Designer, Web Designer, Interior Designer, Urban and Regional Planner, Conservator, Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers nfd, Multimedia Specialist, Web Developer, Jeweller, Make Up Artist, Production Assistant (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)

nfd = not further defined; nec = not elsewhere classified

In 2016, there were 1,799 people employed across cultural and creative occupations. They account for 2.5% of the total employed electorate workforce, compared to 4.2% of the national workforce.

People working in occupations that are both cultural and creative such as musicians, dancers, actors and authors.


People working in cultural occupations such as music teachers, library technicians, park rangers and camera operators.


People working in creative occupations such as software developers, programmers and systems analysts.

Note: Numbers in occupation categories may not add to total due to ABS data adjustments for confidentiality reasons.

Source: Based on ABS data. Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits, Jun 2015 to Jun 2018 (cat no. 8165.0). About this data

Cultural and creative businesses in Hume

At June 2018 there were 608 businesses within the cultural and creative industries in Hume. These are actively trading businesses and non-profit institutions encompassing activities such as arts education, music publishing, museum operation, book retailing, radio and television broadcasting, clothing manufacturing and retailing, and creative arts businesses.

For definitions and lists of industries click here

Industry Definitions


Arts Education, Book and Magazine Wholesaling, Entertainment Media Retailing, Nature Reserves and Conservation Parks Operation, Newspaper and Book Retailing, Printing, Reproduction of Recorded Media, Video and Other Electronic Media Rental Hiring, Zoological and Botanical Gardens Operations,


Clothing and Footwear Wholesaling, Clothing Manufacturing, Clothing Retailing, Computer System Design and Related Services, Footwear Manufacturing, Footwear Retailing, Other Publishing (except Software, Music and Internet), Printing Support Services.

Both Cultural and Creative

Advertising Services, Architectural Services, Book Publishing, Cable and Other Subscription Broadcasting, Creative Artists, Musicians, Writers and Performers, Free-to-Air Television Broadcasting, Internet Publishing and Broadcasting, Jewellery and Silverware Manufacturing, Jewellery and Watch Wholesaling, Libraries and Archives, Magazine and Other Periodical Publishing, Motion Picture and Video Distribution, Motion Picture and Video Production, Motion Picture Exhibition, Museum Operation, Music and Other Sound Recording Activities, Music Publishing, Newspaper Publishing, Other Specialised Design Services, Performing Arts Operation, Performing Arts Venue Operation, Post-production Services and Other Motion Picture and Video Activities, Professional Photographic Services, Radio Broadcasting, Software Publishing, Watch and Jewellery Retailing.

Cultural and creative business counts by employment size

Cultural and creative business counts by turnover size

Note: Numbers in categories above may not add to total due to ABS data adjustments for confidentiality reasons.

Source: Based on ABS data. Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits, Jun 2015 to Jun 2018 (cat no. 8165.0) About this data

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