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International Arts Tourism: Connecting cultures

November 18, 2018

Badu Gili, Sydney Opera House. Artist Alick Tipoti. Credit Daniel Boud

Arts experiences play an important and growing role in international tourism to Australia. They engage international visitors with the uniqueness, depth and diversity of Australian culture, support local economies and share Australian stories and perspectives with the world.

This research brings together data from Tourism Research Australia (TRA) with additional resources to gain insights into international arts tourism in Australia.

It highlights growing potential for the arts to drive and support tourism activity, and for artists to increase their engagement. It shows:

  • the arts are increasingly part of the itinerary for international visitors to Australia
  • the popularity of arts activities such as visiting museums and galleries
  • strong growth in international visitors’ engagement with First Nations arts and culture and their attendance at festivals, fairs and cultural events
  • the strength of arts tourism in regional Australia and the Asian tourist market.

Engaging international tourists with arts experiences while they are in Australia is a key channel for reaching global audiences and shaping perceptions of Australia.

This research equips artists and arts organisations with valuable market intelligence about the behaviours and interests of international tourists.

It builds the evidence base about the role of the arts in supporting economic activity, and the arts’ contribution to cultural exchange, soft power and our international reputation.

The arts will shape the future of our global story. This research contributes to the Australia Council’s body of work that highlights the way in which our confident, outward-looking and future focused arts sector strengthen Australia’s international reputation as a sophisticated and creative nation.

     Dr Wendy Were, Executive Director Strategic Development and Advocacy

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