The Australia Council welcomes opportunities to partner with academia and industry through research. The following information will help you decide whether your proposed research aligns with the Australia Council’s priorities and the most effective way to share your ideas with us.

What kinds of research partnerships do we engage in?
What kinds of research methodology do we support?
Do you need to have worked with us before?

What kinds of research partnerships do we engage in?

The Australia Council engages in a range of research projects involving industry, artists, arts organisations and/or academia.

  • Collaborative research partnerships – Council staff collaborate with external researchers over the duration of the research, including co-design and undertaking elements of data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • ARC Linkage partnerships – these involve a specific focus on research with the aim of generating an ARC Linkage submission.
  • Commissioned research – External consultants or academics undertake a body of research on behalf of the Council. Research would be commissioned when specific expertise or an arms-length piece of research is required.
  • Knowledge partnerships – Knowledge partnerships include opportunities for the Council to share knowledge as well as engage with others for the purpose of generating new knowledge based on their expertise.
  • Interdisciplinary hubs – These involve engagement with organisations and institutions across industries (arts and non-arts) around a common issue, challenge or line of inquiry. They bring together researchers and relevant professionals to share research priorities and explore opportunities for collaboration and/or targeted coordination of strategic research.

What kinds of research methodology do we support?

The Australia Council is interested a variety of methodologies as well as collection and analyses of primary and/or secondary data. We expect all research resulting from collaboration with the Australia Council to adhere to rigorous ethical and professional standards such as those published by the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and the Australian Market & Social Research Society.

Do you need to have worked with us before?

You do not need to have worked with us before. We welcome contact by any researchers who are interested in conducting quality research that aligns with the Australia Council’s priorities.


Our research priorities

The Australia Council prioritises research to deepen understanding of the arts, their value and impact. This includes research involving collaborators from diverse fields of expertise in recognition of the unique and creative viewpoints those intersections may bring to a project. Consideration of the Australia Council’s strategic goals will assist in helping you align the research you propose with our past research and current priority areas.

  • Australians are transformed by arts and creativity. We will enable more opportunities for Australians to be captivated by, and inspired through,
    experiencing the arts.

  • Our arts reflect us. We will support equity of opportunity and access in our creative expression, workforce, leaders and audiences.

  • First Nations arts and culture are cherished. We will build on our long term commitment to First Nations arts and culture, recognising the importance of First Nations peoples’ self-determination, cultural authority and leadership to our collective prosperity.

  • Arts and creativity are thriving. We will support the best circumstances for a thriving arts sector.

  • Arts and creativity are valued. We will increase awareness of the value of public investment in arts and creativity.

Click here for more information on our Strategic Plan.

Contacting us about research

Please include as much information as you can on the following areas when approaching us about your research.

  • Aim of the proposed research.
  • How the research aligns with the Australia Council’s strategic goals.
  • Identification of what is original or important in the proposed research.
  • Proposed research methodology and types of analysis (if relevant).
  • Duration of the proposed research (if known) and whether you are considering the research as a tailored partnership or an ARC Linkage partnership.
  • Use of the Australia Council brand, resourcing and/or monetary support.
  • Name and contact details of key researchers and any other partners or organisations in support of, or committed to the proposed research.

We recognise that you may be in the early stages of planning, so encourage as much detail as possible. However, we understand that elements are likely to change through any collaborative process.

For more information about research partnerships with the Australia Council please contact