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The HOW of Arts Futures takes many forms and will evolve as the Council’s work in this area grows. We wish to engage with known and new stakeholders to trigger new perspectives on current and emerging issues.  

We are uncovering and exploring knowledge by engaging in: 

  • targeted research projects 
  • knowledge activities such as workshops, discussions and roundtables 
  • public events.  


Tina Seelig smiling with event caption

Everybody Can Be Creative: Tina Seelig seminar

Join Stanford University professor and bestselling author Tina Seelig when she shares insights from her work on creativity and offers practical tools to bring our ideas to life.

Date: 18 March 2020
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are not magical qualities of the lucky few; nor are they inborn traits such as eye and hair colour. Instead they are skills that can be learned and honed.

In her book, Creativity Rules: Get Ideas Out of Your Head and into The World, Stanford University professor and bestselling author Tina Seelig describes a four-step process she calls “the invention cycle”. From imagination to innovation, Seelig postulates that in learning to unlock this pathway, any one of us can gain the power of creativity.

Designing Futures

Artists, creatives and future thinkers across industries came together to collectively navigate the socially and ethically complex web emerging from globally disruptive technologies.

The Australia Council’s Designing Futures event in June 2018 brought together participants from a variety of industries including arts, science, medicine, business, education, technology and law.  

Working in interdisciplinary teams, participants used a design thinking process to explore how change and disruption might be navigated, and what role the arts and artists could play in possible futures. 

Future directions for arts and culture

A discussion with Adrian Collette AM and Steven A. Wolff

Australia Council for the Arts event

Sydney, 28 March 2019

Future directions for arts and culture: A discussion with Adrian Collette and Steven A. Wolff explored a variety of issues such as innovative business models, governance and management, and a re-thinking of success for 21st century arts and culture.

The event was introduced by Strategic Development and Advocacy Executive Director, Dr Wendy Were. This was followed with a short presentation by Steven Wolff, and an in-conversation session led by Australia Council CEO, Adrian Collette AM.

Making Art Work: Now and in the future

Panel session at the 20th International Conference on Cultural Economics

Melbourne, 26-29 June 2018

Making art work: Now and in the future explored the lived experience of professional arts practice, including the role of artists and creatives in predicted futures. The panel brought together the perspectives of leading cultural economists, with artists and arts professionals who are at the vanguard of new ways of working.

Topics covered during the panel included:

· Challenges, trends and pressure points for income generation by artists

· Changes in relation to patterns of work including the creative skills used outside the arts

· Concerns around management of intellectual property, rights management and copyright

· Impact of emerging technologies in the way artists reach audiences and what that means for creative practice and creative decision making

· Looking forward to the role of artists or creatives in predicted futures

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