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ARC Linkage: Sound Practice

June 30, 2015

Sound Practice aimed to improve occupational health of Australia’s professional orchestral musicians. The research involved a collaboration between research academics from the The University of Sydney and the 8 major orchestras of Australia.

Arts Nation: An overview of Australian Arts

March 4, 2015

Arts Nation: An Overview of Australian Arts is a new report which provides evidence as a catalyst for informed discussion about arts and culture in Australia. It will be an evolving report which fills a critical gap by creating and interpreting a set of national indicators to increase our understanding of the Australian arts industry.

Longitudinal study of early career artists

December 1, 2013

The Australia Council longitudinal study of early career artists aimed to better understand the career development of artists and the impact of receiving an Australia Council grant. The research explores these areas by measuring direct grant impacts, career perceptions and development, and time spent on creative practice and income earned from creative practice.

How to work the crowd

July 1, 2012

This study is a snapshot of Australian donor motivations and donor barriers to crowdfunding, and provides some indicative recommendations on ways the uptake of crowdfunding in the creative industries might increase.

Women in Theatre

April 1, 2012

This research investigated the impact of policies designed to improve the representation and support of women in key creative roles in theatre over the past three decades.